How prayer works (or doesn't) in youth ministry.

Last night's prayer stations went well.
It was interesting at the start, with 115 students in a more intimate room, "quietness" and "solitude" weren't the best words used to describe the space at first.

But, when we changed the music to something less intense (We were playing "Something Beautiful" by Need to Breathe), and once I gently mentioned from the mic that the next 35 minutes would be reserved for God. Our words and prayers and actions would be shifted in that direction we saw a change.

The room shifted from rowdy to reflective and the leaders watched students, one by one connect with a station.

It was a powerful night. I have three PDF's for the "non-art" stations that I can email, just comment with your email address and I'll send them.

The other station instructions listed on my blog were written on on giant poster boards with sharpies.
I think that way worked better than what you'll see in the PDF's but at least you'll have the instructions for a complete night.

Some discoveries:

That should be it. I hope this helps. Would love to hear how you pray in your groups and what creative things you come up with as well!