It Ain't Over - Fighting for Family

This song is dedicated to my sister Courtney. When I first started out in youth ministry I was ministering to teenagers when my own teenage sister needed the most support. There are days when I wish I could have been there for her more. Even today, as she comes out of some really tough stuff I see how God has helped her, rescued her, and loved her by sending the right people at the right time into her life. I have a burden for all of our students but an even greater burden for my family--I pray that she knows that "it ain't over". I'm praying and interceding for you every day. I'm fasting for you. I am constantly lifting you up even though we are far a part.

You keep pressing. Keep progressing. Keep looking up. I know you're moving in the way of miracles. Whatever it takes baby sis. I love you.

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